Saltland is Rebecca Foon's solo project. The first album featured a long list of friends and past collaborators while on the second album Rebecca set out to create a more rigorously solo work, using her cello as the predominant source for almost all the music and sounds on the record.



A Common Truth (2017)
Constellation Records

"[G]orgeous, cinematic"
The Quietus

The second solo album by Rebecca Foon, composer and cellist from Esmerine, Thee Silver Mt Zion and Set Fire To Flames. The four instrumental tracks on the album were co-written with Warren Ellis (with Warren contributing violin, loops and pump organ).

"With a voice equally suited to opening petals and opening wounds, Foon sings to the earth like a mother to a newborn, beaming with hope while gripped with fear. But she also offers an alternate form of resistance: transformation.”

"Foon’s second solo album as Saltland addresses the complex emotions around tackling climate change.  While the first was a varied mixture of lush dream pop, chamber music and spiraling post-rock littered with guests, A Common Truth is far more intimate, focusing on arrangements and whispered songs erupting around Foon’s distinctly emotive cello. Due to the shifting blend of fear, despair, togetherness, hope and anger that characterizes the battle for climate change awareness, her song cycle aptly seeps its way into all nooks and crannies of the emotional spectrum.  Blossoming with convincing beauty and hope, its sweetness fails to quell the feeling of anger pervading this [album's] call to arms." 



I Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us (2013)
Constellation Records

Foon's voice [is] an instrument of somnolent, gossamer allure which floats gracefully amid the eddying, amniotic music."
MOJO [4/5]